Six Customers Draw Weapons On Thieves Stealing From Washington State Store

Six customers confronted and drew weapons on two men after the two men allegedly stole nail guns from inside a retail store located in Marysville, Washington, according to a report published by the Daily Herald.

The Daily Herald reported that two men, ages 22 and 23, entered a Coastal Farm & Ranch store on Saturday and stole four nail guns worth over $400 each. 

When the men left the store and got into their vehicle in the parking lot, six customers surrounded the car with weapons drawn at the thieves instructing the thieves to exit the vehicle.  One of the customers stood in front of the thieves’ vehicle to block it from driving away.

One of the thieves, who was sitting in the passenger seat, instructed the other thief who was driving to pull forward and the customer would get out of the way and not shoot into the vehicle.

When the vehicle began to pull forward, it struck the customer in front of the vehicle forcing the customer to jump up on the hood.  A second customer shot out one of the rear tires and a third customer shot out on of the front tires, the Daily Herald reported.

When the vehicle drove away, the Daily Herald reported that one of the store employees followed the thieves in his vehicle, but told police later that the chase was ended after one of the thieves appeared to lean out the window with a gun pointed at the store employee.

Local law enforcement found the vehicle abandoned three blocks away from the store with two flat tires and the nail guns still inside the vehicle.  After a search, police found the two thieves and apprehended them.

The two thieves were booked in the Snohomish County Jail.  They are being investigated for first-degree theft, the Daily Herald reported.